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Welcome to the best photography related buy/sell/trade site that you’ve seen all minute. We need your help to maintain this user driven marketplace. The site is designed for listing photography gear, work available, props and photography resources. We are the largest fb buy/sell for photography in NZ and admins work hard to maintain the site making sure its free of spam and time wasters. Where else can you get no fees, less responsibility, high accountability and rules that discourage the 'know it alls' which plague other groups? Please share this page around to anyone who could find it helpful.
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The rules in short:
You can post with a sale, trade or “wanted” item. Buy and sell at your own risk. Don't be an egg. Do your own homework before buying. Don't post the same product more than once and only "bump" it (by writing "bump" or "still available on the post on the initial post) once a month. Send the thing and make the payment at the same time. If you are dubious about a sale just don't do it. Or, ring them up or meet in person (bring your dog just in case they're a psycho although the admins will do their best to keep those types out). Don't post a trade me link or link to your website or fb page. A general price and a recent picture taken by the seller (of the item) must be supplied. Don't moan or banter about price unless via pm. ($2000 ono for example, is fine, but the offers should be PMed). Don't try and put your helpful 2 cents in, give advice, or post links to external sites. This site is not about advice or opinion but about buying, selling and trading. Price spy and trademe are not foreign concepts. Please respect the Admin's decisions/ judgement calls- it's not like we get paid for this. But we are not heartless, feel free to PM us if you feel hard done by or feel that your comment was removed unjustly.
An ongoing list of trades can be found in the files tab, either alter the doc or make a comment. You should utilise this tool to give good or bad feedback and also to check members out before trading.
Serious misconduct will get you blocked. Like:
Using the C word (not canon :p). Abusing another member. Posting repetitively. Being annoying or admins getting heaps of complaints about you. Not following through with a sale you agree to. HI-jacking other peoples threads. PMing admins to tell them useless information. Telling bullshit in your descriptions. Selling commercially or on behalf of anyone who makes a living out of selling camera stuff. Posting the same product more than once. Asking for or sharing illegal software licenses and pirate software sources. Being a dick. PMing admins to tell them how beautiful their hair is.

If you want a more detailed list of rules they are in the files section of the page. Read this before asking a question we've already answered.