Oak Park Friends

Oak Park Friends [Public Facebook Discussion Group]

-- Discussing All Types of Respectful and Family Friendly Community Related Topics --

- 'Oak Park Friends' (herein referred to as 'group') is a Private Civilian Discussion Group
Not Owned, Supported, or Necessarily

Endorsed by the
Village of Oak Park Illinois USA.

- Participation in the group administration, discussion, and/or Content by Village of Oak Park administration, staff, employees,

or associates is purely incidental and during interaction with the group they will not be acting at-the-time of group

participation in any Official Village of Oak Park capacity but rather as an independent private citizen in and during their their

interaction with the group.

- Further, if you as a general member of the group do happen to spot a Village of Oak Park administration, staff, employees, or

associates you (the general group member) understand and agree that they are not speaking or making decisions on behalf of the

Village of Oak Park nor are they representing the Village unless they themselves expressly declare otherwise in a special


- Opinions expressed by group members / participants are purely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the group

administration, staff, associates, or general group membership. Failure to argue against or in favor of an opinion does not

necessarily reflect agreement or disagreement with that opinion by the group administration, staff, associates, or general group


- We Encourage Contributions (creative & thoughtful group posts, replies, etc.) of All
Members Regardless of Race, Color,

Ethnicity, Ancestry, National Origin,
Religion, Age, Sex, Sexual Orienta-
tion, Gender Identity or Expression,
Marital and/or Familial Status,
Mental and/or Physical Impairment
and/or Disability, Military Status,
Economic Class, Political Affiliation,
or Any of the Other Distinguishing
Characteristics That All Too Often
Divide People in Society.

- Post Family Friendly / Keep
it Clean. No Harassment, Insults, or Bullying !

- Though some of us may disagree with others at times while participating in the group it is imperative for all of us to keep a

friendly and respectful demeanor here at all times (if you find that you can not remain respectful to all group members,

administration, and staff - then please remove yourself from the group or accept the alternative that one of our group

administrators or staff will promptly assist you with your departure from the group)

- Please No Commercial Ads, Self-Promotion, Solicitation, or Begging.

- Rules and/or Common Decency
Infractions as Interpreted by Group
Admin(s) Resulting in Post Deletion
or Offending Member Banishment
Decisions of Admin(s) Are Final !