Obama Resistance/Restoring The Constitution

We are The Obama Resistance. Our goal is to make people aware of The Socialistic Empire that President Barack Hussein Obama and His Administration are trying to create. Our goal is to make people aware of long term damage President Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration are inflicting on This Great Nation of ours, The United States of America. That is not our only mission, our other mission is to Restore Our beloved Constitution and Make America Free Again.

Group Rules
#1 No Slandering
#2 If you have an Accusation against someone send it to their personal facebook page
#3 Do not use this group for any other agenda but what this group was designed for
#4 If any of you chose to add any members please identify their motives before adding
#5 If you are not sure about someone give me their name and I will vet them for you
#6 If Slander or any form of Accusations are leveled by anyone in this group, it will be grounds for expulsion from the group and a lifetime ban from ever joining again
#7 No Anti-Semiteism

Disclaimer: This group will not be used to attack anyone's character or level charges against anyone. The only person this group is designed to do that for is President Barack Hussein Obama and no one else.

Rules for posting.
#1 Make Sure you post from a credible news source
#2 Make sure The Source is Accurate and Reflects both sides of the Issue
#3 Make sure you post things credible to our cause as it pertains to all departments of The Federal Government.
#4 Make sure the source is conservative in its views.

This Group Must be a Group of Recruiters. We need to bring more people to our cause. May God Restore Our Country