Obscure Comic Book Characters

Basically a place to talk about and share obscure facts and forgotten heroes, villains, and other characters of comic books. There are tons out there and I love learning new things and sharing things I know. So if that's for you, join. If not, well don't.
Ultimately this forum is to talk about COMIC BOOKS and share ideas, tidbits, trivia, and what not about comic books. It doesn't matter the genre or what not, but I tend to lean towards superheroes. That's just my personal preference.
Also, if you know NOTHING about comics or very little, join! Ask questions! This can also be a forum to help people understand those connections that often make no freaking sense to people outside comics (and even sometimes for those of us who have been reading for years!).


When posting an Obscure Hero please include: Their name, a photo, a description and/or link to information. The last part is a choice between a link or a description or both. That's up to you. But you MUST provide at least those. Also, if you're lucky, the link will also contain the picture!

Yes this is about comics. Opinions are allowed and subjective. Treat everyone with respect for their opinions. You can disagree on a subject, but there is no reason to attack the person. Be respectful and understanding.
Try to table politics (unless directly related to a comic) and hot button
issues like religion (again unless directly related to a comic).

Also no links/recommendations to items people should buy unless someone asks for one. This is for free information and sharing between fans. Not about selling products or convincing people to buy anything. Once again, if someone asks for it, please supply it, but not until then.

NO Links to non-comic book sources shall be allowed. Any attempt to advertise for ANYTHING outside of comics will be deleted. If it happens excessively, you shall be banned from the group.

This is NOT a fanfic group either. While it can be fun to write fanfic about obscure heroes, this group isn't a platform to air your fanfic. There are other groups for that. I want to focus on facts from comics and not confuse people with fanfics that are not in continuity.

This group is NOT designed for cheesecake/T&A purposes. There are tons of groups out there for that. Racy pictures are allowed if the character actually dresses that way (obviously no nudity is allowed, it violates Facebook's TOS). When in doubt, please ask me about the pictures or refer to the original comic book material. This group is also not meant to talk about your sexual desires/fantasies/frustrations/whatever. At no time should multiple characters be posted to compare which one you'd like to date/sleep with/whatever and at no time should that discussion even come up. If you have a fantasy about a character, that's fine, but this is not the group to discuss it in. There are plenty of places to talk about and share pictures and discussions like that on the internet.