Obesity Prevention Australia Inc

Obesity has been associated with depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, anxiety, high cholesterol, asthma, injuries (back, neck, hip, knee, ankle), certain cancers, arthritis, chronic inflammation, heartburn, kidney stones, gout, and high blood pressure to name just a few chronic health diseases.
Obesity Prevention Australia aims to educate all Australians to overcome the obesity statistics and start reversing the expansion of our bulging waistlines and declining health.

Welcome to this FB group of individuals with that goal in sight - and changing people's lives in a long lasting, positive way.

There is a wealth of knowledge within this group. Professional individuals from many healthcare areas willing to share their thoughts and expertise regarding obesity in Australia.
And equally as many who are after that guidance and help to lose weight. Let's bounce ideas, strategies, techniques and anything else you think will be helpful. Help, share, discuss, collaborate > your nutritional tips, blog discoveries, recipes, articles, journeys, testimonials and your pictures.

There's no room for spamming. Spammers will be banned and your post removed. Please note that means: no snake oil/diet pill/'lose 10kgs by tomorrow with x product' scam offerings, no overseas 'lose weight fast' scams - just good, honest and helpful posts by people with the goal of helping others to become healthier via long term sustainable health ideas and concepts. Let's work together to create a healthier Australia.

Keep in mind that this is a FB support page only and you should always consult your physician before venturing into any diet or exercise plan.