Ocala FREE Stuff Giveaway

do not hog the items. You are welcome to receive items, but please, don't post on multiple offers. Give other people a chance. Giving is up to the discretion of the giver. You are allowed to give away and trade, DO NOT sell on here. Read these rules. They are simple. If you are caught selling on here, you WILL be banned. Let's all help each other out without having stalker psycho admins! Add your friends :) this group is for Ocala, Fl residents, surrounding cities are also invited! Be courteous. If someone posts "ISO" please do not jump on their post trying to take what others are offering. Create your own post ISO. IF A GIVER IS NICE ENOUGH TO MEET YOU, AND YOU DON'T SHOW OR POST AT MEETING TIME THAT YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED, I'M BANNING YOU. IT'S RUDE! I DON'T STAND FOR NONSENSE

BANNED: Carol Kash (trying to sell after multiple warnings)
Michaela S (trying to sell as well) Karen Sambo (banned trying to sell)
Nora Boles (banned trying to sell) Casey Kardell (banned overwhelming concern from other members) Zach Beeber banned for trying to sell