Occombe Dog Show 2014 planning group

A group of volunteers who are setting up the Occombe Dog Show 2014 fundraising for CSD Boxer Rescue on Sunday July6 2014
We are in the process of sorting out the costings for the
Class Sponsorship is £10 private or £15 business will advertising in programme. 20 classes.
Stall hire is £30 this year and limited space with £20 for grass areas . gazebos not provided but have a barn area for 8 stalls.
Stall sharing is allowed.
Revised entry fee of £1.50 per class.. 1=4th and BIS £25 cash win RBIS £10 cash win.

PONY RIDES CONFIRMED, ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS CONFIRMED, CSDBR STALL CONFIRMED, PETSTORE TORBAY CONFIRMED, OCCOMBE CONFIRMED. ADDED ATTRACTION. funds for the dogs on the day. Tarot reading by appointment just £15. Popular and experienced medium and boxer lover.