Occupy Wall Street

We believe we should be open to all verified or verifiable FACTS, whether they conform to our “world view” or not. Minds are like parachutes, they only work when they are open.
That being said, we are NOT a governmental agency, and “constitutional rights” do not apply in our groups, although, as a whole, we actually believe in the Bill of Rights.
I don’t “censor” Rush Limbaugh, but neither will anybody force me to listen to him. Our "cyberspace" is actually property of Facebook, and we, as founders and administrators of groups, are a sort of sub-lessee. Sort of like an apartment. As such, it is a bit like private property, and we can invite people, or UN-invite people as we see fit.
We are NOT pro-GOP, we are, as a group, proponents of transforming the Democratic party from within.
People have a right to their own opinions, but not their own FACTS. “In God we trust, all others bring data.” Just a saying, we don't care what your religious beliefs and preferences are.
This group was originally "Occupy Nepal," and somebody changed the name, for reasons presently unknown. This became one of three known (large) "Occupy Wall Street" Facebook groups. At this time, this is the smallest of the three large Occupy Wall Street groups, but still of a respectable size. Remember, part of the name of the game is to get the information out there!
For some reason the original founder(s) and/or admin(s) lost their connection with the group. The group became up for grabs, had no admin, and as an Occupy Wall Street protestor from day one (in Kansas City), I stepped up to the plate. So this is a sort of "second life" for Occupy Nepal/Occupy Wall Street #3.