Ocotillo Friends

If you are 18+, reside in the Chandler area & want to join Ocotillo Friends, submit request & Message Admins, Debbie Caba-Grammer or Niomee Oliverio Baker, to confirm residency.

Contact us any time you need our assistance. We will mediate if there is a misunderstanding & advocate for a happy resolution. Rude behavior towards &/or Blocking an admin will result in being banned. We follow a 3 Strikes=Out policy when rules are Purposely not followed. Admins may delete old posts, heated comments & items not permitted (coupon stockpile goods, items w/ expiration dates, adult themed, firearms & spam). We will post Tips & Reminders often; all in efforts to keep the site running smooth.


1. Be Respectful. No slandering. Keep unkind comments to yourself. This group resides in a "no drama zone".

2 Keep all correspondence for order of interest in the comment section of the post. (texts/pms can confirm details) The 1st person to post "Interest" gets first dibs.You may request to be NEXT in line. The 1st person must decline before the next in line can take dibs. If someone asks dimensions/specifics, please consider that as "Interest" & wait for a decline to move on to Next.

* You may NOT sell "out from under" the 1st in line buyer. (i.e.- someone offers more $ or you sell to "Who gets here 1st" after committing to a buyer). If this happens, seller & aggressive buyer will be banned.

3. COMMUNICATE :) If you are truly Interested in an item, make a plan! Stay engaged w/the seller to set up a time to view or pick up item. Dropped conversations are Frustrating & the seller should NOT have to chase you down! If a potential buyer drops the conversation for more than 3 hrs, w/o letting seller know (work, carpool, meeting, appt), the seller can move to the next in line. Seller/buyer should work together on transaction details. Buyer must let seller know ASAP if deciding to "Pass".

4. If you live outside the Chandler area & are utilizing this forum, please be prepared to drive to the seller/buyer when selling/purchasing an item. Arrangements can be made to meet as well, if both parties agree.

5. Every selling Post/Photo must show Price, Description & Cross Rds.

6. DELETE your post after the sale. If you Post, you must DELETE!

7. Create Albums if uploading 5+ pictures. Use a Photo Collage app. for multiple views of single item. Make sure descriptions are on all photos, as they separate from the album when commented on.

8. Wait 24 hrs prior to Cross Post & clearly state you are doing so.

9 No Duplicate Posts. Bump original 1x/24hrs or business 3x/wk, to the top of the news feed by typing in the comment section. Delete original, if you repost.

10. Utilize the SEARCH feature(mag glass) when looking for a referral, previous post, member, or item. This helps to avoid duplicate posts.

FILE section includes TIPS & How To's.

Thanks & Welcome Ocotillo Friends!
Debbie & Niomee