Odessa Texas & Area buy/sale/trade Children's Dept Only

Welcome and Thank You for joining this group.

First and foremost, Let's all remember to be respectful with one another as well as with each other's posts.. and always keep it positive please.

* Please keep all posts strictly related to anything dealing with Infants & Children ONLY; which can include care/clothing, toys/entertainment, furniture/decor, and even maternity clothes as well. Basically any item intended for children under the age of 18 is considered acceptable.

* When adding a post here, please always try to remember to include a Description, your Location, an asking/expected Price, and if possible a Photo also.. doing so will greatly help this group run more smoothly for us all.

* It is not required here for members to create an album - as some of you are using cell phones and may not have a personal computer available. However, you may certainly do so if you prefer.

* Members are allowed to "bump" their posts

*Home Business links/advertisements that promote their home-based business/hobby (again, Strictly Child Related also)
* Kid's school/group fundraiser event's are allowed to be posted here.

* As the admins, we would like to inform everyone who joins this group that selling (without a timely notice) your item(s) out from under your expected buyer(s) is HIGHLY frowned upon.. and may result in group termination.
* Since this group was created specifically for child essentials and other related items, PLEASE keep in mind that some members may therefore share with their child(ren) the things they are purchasing after an agreement between seller & buyer has been made. And selling to someone else instead could unintentionally upset a child in the end. This is hardly fair at all.
* We really don't want anyone to have a bad experience like this, so it's expected that you all do your absolute best, to stay in contact with the buyer/seller to avoid this from happening.

* As participating members in this group, it is in your best interest to always remember to buy, sell, and trade at your own risk.
Odessa Texas & Area buy/sale/trade*reserves the right to deny and/or terminate any member without explanation.
*Odessa Texas & Area buy/sale/trade does not hold responsibility for any items posted, bought, or sold through this group. Nor will we be held liable for any transactions or communications/interactions/disputes between members at anytime. We're also not, under any circumstances, liable for any content accessed through this group. Please do not post KNIVES, GUNS or ANY WEAPONS on here... Or Animal's
Jenn Ferguson
Just a friendly reminder, the selling of drop side cribs is ILLEGAL. Regardless if the company sent you the kit to fix the issue, it is now 100% banned and illegal to manufacture, sell or even donate.