SoCal Small Business Community

Business Networking Group for Southern California Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers and Professionals in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, Riverside and San Diego

Please add all your So Cal business contacts to this group by inviting them in the right column.

What you can do in this group?

1. Introduce yourself - tell everyone what you do, what is your business, what are your products / services, where you need help

2. Share business deals - feel free to share upcoming business deals, offers and promotions. don't overdo it though.

3. Need a referral - Ask a question, and post your referral needs here. Rest assured, someone from the local community will help you.

4. Post business and networking events - Are you hosting an event, or going to one that you believe can help our community? Post the event here.

5. Connect with members - Browse the local members of this group. You are sure to find someone valuable to connect with and do business.

Please don't spam the group by repeating the same posts daily, posting information in all CAPS, and soliciting offers that are fraudulent.

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Happy Business Networking!

Please note: You need to have an address in Southern California to qualify for membership. If your profile does not show your current location, your membership may not be approved!