Ohio Social LIVE

With so many groups here on facebook, this group has one key ingredient, SOLIDARITY!

This group represents progress...

The type of progress that is often overlooked by many main stream media outlets and rarely heard of or mentioned by individuals of influence, but still exists.

This group is just one of many here on facebook, available for the individual seeking to join other positive and productive people in their community, striving for better results for themselves and others.

This group allows the good to shine through, weather you are a skilled or talented individual seeking more exposure, to the entrepreneur hoping to bring more attention towards your own endeavors, to the person interested in whats going on in their local area, from events to job opportunities and so much more.

Once you become a member you are encouraged to share posts, engage with other members by using the LIKE tab and by commenting, providing honest feedback.

Please note, by becoming a member you agree never to post any message or other user originated content or action which depicts nudity, sexual acts, violence, drugs, alcohol, or any other content of an adult nature.

You are welcome to join us here on facebook and finally be able to see what real local networking is all about... LET'S GROW!