Craigslist- Oklahoma City and the Surrounding Area

Welcome to the local (and FIRST) Oklahoma City and the Area Craigslist page! Get more exposure! Community, Personals, Discussions, Housing, For Sale, Services, Jobs, Gigs and more!

Simple post guidelines to ensure this group is a good one.

1) Do not post anything Illegal. This includes anything stolen, illegal services, drugs, etc. All federal and state laws need to be followed.
2) Businesses/Services are encouraged to post only on Mondays and are allowed one post per buisness. Post will be deleted every Sunday. No scams
3) As there are too many souls in shelters, we will not allow breeders to sell their animals. Rehoming is permitted BUT if it is apparent that animals are being sold, the post will be removed. If the rehoming fee is above $75 (a standard adoption fee) Admins will ask for guidance. When posting an animal for adoption, we also ask that you list the age of the animal and any relative information to assist potential adopters.
4) Do not harass other members of this page. Be respectful and no bullying or disparaging remarks will be accepted. Do not comment (besides assisting with a bump or two) if you are not INTERESTED in the item or only have negative things/unhelpful points to add to conversation. If you see someone being bullied, please tag one of the admins so we may handle it.
5) When posting, please include prices, condition, contact info and location, ie SW, NW, etc.
6) All group requests within Oklahoma state are accepted. This is an open group. Please feel free to add friends and family in this local region. If you are outside Oklahoma, please PM admins for assistance. We monitor this page diligently so unacceptable memberships are not included.
7) Due to new rules under Facebook policies, we cannot accept weapon sales or any type of weapon including knifes, bows, paint ball guns etc.
8) Please note that GoFundMe pages are not acceptable. It is difficult for us to monitor online fundraisers and show equal support for all surrounding causes.
9) If anyone is needing any assistance for any reason please contact admin before posting. Food, clothing or help paying a bill etc
10) Our admins will ask for proof of purchase for any reselling of formulas. Failure to supply, will be automatic deletion of ad. Reselling of WIC items is strictly unacceptable and a compliant will be filed against you through the state of Oklahoma if we think you are making a profit from state aid.
11) All cell phones must include IMEI number with post or it will not be approved! It is usually located under the battery of your phone.
12) Please limit bumping you personal post to once ever 24/hrs. If you have multiple items for sale add them to one post, not one post per item. This will keep our feed a lot more organized.
13) The administrators of this page are NOT responsible for what you buy, sell or discuss. Not following the above guidelines may in removal of ad or ban from the group.