Okinawa Food Critics

Anything Related to Dining, Food, Beverages and Recipes: Tell everyone about your favorite place to eat on Okinawa...and even for a special location for our members to make note of during their vacations / travels. List the prices, what they accept (yen, dollar, credit) and if you would recommend them or not :) Hope everyone finds this as useful as we have to find great and new spots to dine, relax and have great eats - including your kitchen. Show us your mouthwatering meals that you have just cooked! Entice us - go ahead & brag! This group is a compilation of restaurant diners, chefs, restaurant owners, editors & journalists for restaurants, travel & culinary experts.

2 Stipulations:
1) Spammers will be reported and immediately banned / reported asap without warning!
2) No Bullying or Bashing of members or non-members as well. It is against the rules of conduct via Facebook. Those who do such will be banned / reported without warning!

We love to be included in any special events or special promos that our favorite restaurants wish to feature to us as members so yes, restaurants may post their openings, special events and their specials for the month / season to our members. Restaurants only - no sunglasses etc.
Thank you!

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