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The Old Cambrian Society (OCS) is for alumni and faculty of The Prince of Wales School, Nairobi, Kenya, later renamed Nairobi School. For several years, Nairobi School boys have considered themselves Patcharians. To date, several OCS cohorts and sub-cohorts exist all over the world, a Global Alumni Network spanning Africa, North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

To this end, the mandate of the Old Cambrian Society, North America, is to mobilize Old Cambrians in Canada and the US. This is a concerted effort to give back to one of the best school in the world. We would therefore be more than grateful if you can assist by encouraging Old Cambrians in North America to sign up via Facebook (or e-mail me, [email protected]).

That said, please explore viable projects in your regional cohorts in consultation with the OCS North America who will contact the Principal of Nairobi School. Since 2008, the OCS, North America, has been involved in organizing the Annual Charity Golf Tournament at the Royal Nairobi Golf Club in collaboration with OCS, Kenya. This has assisted in purchasing over 40 brass and woodwind instruments from Canada, restoring the Bluthner grand piano in the music room, servicing existing brass and woodwind instruments at RVA, purchasing brass and woodwind accessories (reeds, valve oil, key oil etc.,) from Canada, and our recent computer lab/s restoration project. Commencing 2015, the Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be held at the Mountainview Golf Club, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

Dave Allen (Hawke 1960-1965) organizes an annual East African curry lunch in early Fall. For the most part, it has consistently been at the Host Restaurant, Square One Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Please e-mail him in late summer for details ([email protected]). Previous luncheons have been attended by Old Cambrians, Kenya High alumni, and other Kenyans in Canada and the US.

Thank you,
Everett Igobwa (Nicholson/Serengeti 1983-1986)
OCS North America - Canada
Nairobi School, Nairobi, Kenya/ The Prince of Wales School