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At the outset was an artistic group : OMBILIKAL, Its objectives were to to bring in together performers , develop common research & projects so as to promote different artistic expressions. (Graphics, Music, Webdesign ) . With an accent on quality, creation and innovation.

These objectives resulted in the creation of a media OMBILIKAL Webradio, who, thanks to the addition of the collective and complementary operators allows a common desire to promote a musical movement : the Jungle Movement / Drum'n'Bass.

This movement being rich with influences and artistic concretisations aims to give a maximum media coverage of its origins and evolutions. the web radio aims to represent the whole " musical field" which is actually covered by that style with many "sub types" that are in constant renewal.( Dubstep, grime, broken beat, etc...)

OMBILIKAL, is always concerned and quality renewal is not constrained by commercial benefits. OMBILIKAL, wishes to introduce the richness of this movement to beginners & incite experienced Junglists to search constantly for new sounds.
The promotional aspect of the web-radio makes it possible for new talents to express themselves and encourage the broadcasting of little -known musical expression.


Traduction Française

A l'origine se trouve un collectif artistique : Ombilikal ; ses objectifs, rassembler des performers, developper des recherches et projets communs afin de promouvoir differentes expressions artistiques (graphisme, musique, webdesign), en privilegiant une approche de qualite, de creation et d'innovation.

De ces objectifs resulte la creation d’un media, Ombilikal WebRadio, qui, grace a l’adjonction de collectifs et d’operateurs complementaires, permet de repondre a un desir commun de promotion d’un mouvement musical et artistique, le mouvement Jungle/Drum & Bass/Breakbeat/Dubstep
Ce mouvement etant riche d'influences et de concretisations artistiques, le but est d'en mediatiser les sources et les evolutions. La web radio vise a representer l'ensemble du "champ musical" que couvre aujourd'hui ce style aux multiples "sub genres", qui sont en perpetuel renouvellement. Dans un souci constant de qualite, et detachee de contraintes d'ordre commercial, Ombilikal souhaite faire connaitre la richesse de ce mouvement aux novices et inciter les junglists avises &a une recherche constante de nouvelles sonorites. L'aspect promotionnel du media web permet egalement de faire s'exprimer de nouveaux talents et d'inciter a l'experimentation et a la diffusion d'expressions musicales meconnues ( Dubstep, grime, broken beat, etc...)

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