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Facebook OME Community Netiquette


1. Don't pick on anyone in the group - be nice!
2. Take your flame wars outside; we're a professional group and not a teen talk group.
3. This group is secular - no talk about religion here, please.
4. Don't offend anyone in any way - lest you want us exercising the ban stick.



1. You can advertise about jobs, openings at your company or help you need with specific projects that DO NOT directly compete with OME or Web Marketing Academy.
2. You can post links to tools or software that you have built or share links to stuff built by others as long as it doesn't contain an affiliate code.
3. Post links to your latest blog posts or articles as long as they are relevant to the community.


1. You cannot advertise any product or service that directly competes with OME / WMA.
2. You cannot post links to competing meetups / conferences unless prior authorization is received from Suresh.
3. You cannot drop affiliate links or link out to pages you own where you sell affiliate products unless you are asking a question; no advertising of your affiliate sites or links is allowed in the Facebook Group.

If you don't abide by any of these rules, you'll be removed from the group as soon as we catch you in the act.