OMERTA V - Dead Zone

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Please join OMERTA V's Fundraiser in our fight to end Multiple Sclerosis and help raise awareness Oct 27-29th
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Welcome to our new War Page! This Group is public, but Administrative approval is still needed in order to join. OMERTA V reserves the right to grant or deny posting privileges on this page at our discretion.

Violate our rules you gotta buy a keg for each time you do so.
Have FUN; it's the whole reason we play!.

- OMERTA V seeks to grow it's family by inviting/recruiting daily players.
- Why not YOU? Why not NOW?
- A minimum 40k combined attack & defense for red tag,
and 60k combined attack & defense for white tag.
- Who like taking part in DBs, Mocks, and Events.
- Who will defend the OMERTA red and white tagged family.
- Who enjoy the social aspects of the game.
If this sounds like YOU, I encourage you to contact any of the admins for assistance.

If you have an issue, please contact an admin
Jill Brayer – Founder/GM
Dave Kijanowski - Master Underboss
Wayne Vanover - Warlord

Recruiting video: