One Dance Tribe

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One Dance Tribe is a celebration of conscious movement. It brings together dancers and leaders from all over the world to share in an experience of gathering as ONE TRIBE.

One Dance Tribe creates a container where conscious movement is supported by conscious living. Starting each day with meditation and yoga, having time in nature, eating organic local food, learning about nutrition, healing, spirituality and science, at the same time experimenting with new forms of conscious movement while diving deeper into your own practice.

What we experience on the dance floor is what we are becoming as a people. It is why it is so powerful. The connection, love and unity we feel when we surrender to the dance, is a way for us to awaken to who we truly are.

The love that is present at these gatherings is quite extraordinary!

One Dance Tribe calls us together as ONE CIRCLE. United in our vision of transforming ourselves transforming the world.