OneLove Movement

Visit WHAT IS ONE LOVE MOVEMENT? A movement is a group of people working together to advance their shared ideas. It is in doing this that we are able to join forces for evolutionary change. Our idea is regardless of race, religion, gender or status, as co-existers in this vast eco system we call life we are connected by an energetic thread making up the universal consciousness. When you align your own vibrational being with this divine energy we call Love, you allow the flow of creation and abundance. This plays out not only in our individual lives but also as a collective whole. Together we are the universal consciousness, we create the world we live in by what we choose to believe. It is time to move towards our collective destiny. Whether you you choose to call it God, the Universe or none of the above, you will find the basis of all beliefs is Love. We seek to help others understand that Love is not what you need... Love is what you are. Find your tribe, add your friends. We are one love heart emoticon