Oneness Awakening with Anette Carlstrom

About Anette Carlstrom:

Anette is a Mystic from Sweden and internationally recognized in the press as "Sweden's answer to the Dalai Lama". She is the author of two acclaimed books, " From the Heart" where she shares her amazing story of transformation and answers thought provoking questions and Her second book, "Namaste, Awakening The Power of Presence" which is an extraordinary guidance exploring the sacred truths hidden in our everyday life. Her chanting CD's and DVD are best sellers as the Oneness Blessing energies are powerfully embedded and easily received when listening. She is also a mother of two children, runs an alternative health practice and travels around Europe sharing her story, teaching and singing.

Oneness Awakening with Anette:

In 2003, through some quite unusual circumstances, she found herself going to India for a Deeksha course at the Oneness University, not really knowing what to expect, but feeling very drawn to go. There she experienced a miraculous emergence through the doorway of consciousness which changed her life forever. Since then she has been on her journey of living an ever evolving Awakened life.

Awakening to Oneness consciousness is a process of gradual inner unfoldment as we become aware of the Sacred in everything around us and see the unity within all things. Until now, our very existence has lived in a state of separation which is the nature of the ego and is full of concepts, beliefs and opinions. Our separation will dissolve once we recognize the Truth of the Present Moment because it will lead us to Oneness consciousness. All the great teachings relate this Truth, that we are all One.

Now is the new paradigm where we are able to live in our natural state of Being. Now it becomes possible to receive an energy activation that lifts the veils of the mind that has separated us from our true real nature.
We are at a crucial time in our evolution. We are being guided to move into new awarenesses that shift our lives and our perceptions. We are being called to Wake Up from living the fear that has deadened our hearts to our true happiness and joy. Our planet reflects the state of our own inner conflicts, anger and confusion.

We are the "pioneering souls" who are paving the way for Humanity to survive. The magnitude of this shift in our culture's consciousness is calling us to be the co-creators we truly are. Join our community for Oneness Blessings, guidance, inspiration, activation and lots and lots of Love.

Our vibration is the result of our thoughts, our emotions and our deep connection to Spirit. All those contribute to the environment of our everyday living, and our energy frequency is what attracts and creates our life. We know it's NOT about understanding more of who we are or of what consciousness is, but rather just being aware of and living in the experience of everything is consciousness, creating a special relationship to everything.

There is nothing outside of this moment that is Real.