Online Advertising Namibia

Online Advertising is a platform for you to post items you looking to buy or want to sell, events that are happening in Namibia or anything else you can think of that you want to advertise online.

Remember we do not tolerate Discrimination or Prejudice of any kind and our moderators are standing by to delete you if we see any negative remarks. We also do not tolerate advertising other groups/websites who provide the same service as we do.

When advertising animal , ( animals for sale, looking to breed......) please make use of our other group, "Pets Online Namibia"and All pet related adverts will be removed from this group, no questions asked.

Spam or any illegal dealings will be banned and deleted asap, all this Income stuff..........or make quick money!!!!!
Posts for missing children or missing pets will be allowed.

When placing an advert, please remember : Place, Price and Product. Where are you situated (Place). What do you want for it (Price). What is it (Product).

Company's are requested to open their own pages - you are welcome to post a link onto this page - but please do not spam it with every item on your shelves or in your warehouse. Non-compliance will result in you being removed from this group.

If you own a pawn shop, a toy shop, sell clothing, estate agents or similar please do not post photographs of every item you have for sale every hour/day or 20 after each other, people just skip ur add then......

Enjoy the group and report back to us with any suggestions or queries.

Tips and tricks:

#1 If you don't want the annoying notifications and e-mails, simply un-check the relevant boxes in the notifications tab at the top of the page.
#2 If you want to search for an advert, simply type the keyword for what you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the page.

Thanks and lets do Business.....