Online FleaMarket (Turner & Surrounding Counties)

Need to sell it? Sell it here! We all have stuff around that we don't need and somebody else wants! Let's have some fun and make some money! :-)

Please list all marketing ads in "Files" at the top right of the page. This way it will not get mixed into the item sales.

Need Help? If you have any questions about posting please contact one of the Admins below...

Loraine-Turner and surrounding area. Creator
Essie Mae (Anita)
Christy Dixon

Due to all the marketing post, we will be deleting a lot from post. If you don't won't to be deleted then please comment to let us know you are local (within GA). This group was started for local buyers and sellers (see below) Just let me know if you have any questions

This "Group" was started for post of sale items within the surrounding counties of (or close to county line) Turner, Worth, Crisp, Wilcox,Tift, Irwin, Benhill.

Please be considerate of others by replying to post and following advise from the group Admins. We want every one to make a lot of money and spend a lot of money! :-)

I've added tips to the docs in the group to help. You can see it at the mid top of the page. Happy Selling and Buying!!!! :-)