Online Jobs Support Network

Welcome to Online Jobs Support Community by (OJU).
*** NOTE: Please read the full group description before Joining ***

This group was created to help and support those who wants to start their online career or simply want to get more information and have their questions answered. Feel Free to Join this Group and leave your questions here. The University Coaches, Ambassadors, & Supporters will answer and help you guys out.

Simple Community Guidelines:
1) Be courteous to one another.
2) No FLOODING. posting once is enough
3) Sharing of Blog content is allowed, granted its has something to do with having an online job and doesn't contradict to the main goals of OJU
4) Posting of salesy images, invitation to join MLM opportunities, and other marketing related post must be first approved by the admin before posting, or it will be deleted.
5) Welcome the newly added members to the group. We are family so let us welcome and support each other :)
6) Posting of online job opportunities are highly encourage, granted that there is no need to pay a fee to get a job.
7) Approval of any content shared in this group will be in the sole discretion of the administrative team of OJU for the greater good of OJU and its members.
8) By joining the group, you agree to receive updates from this group, the coaches, and in the form of sponsored ads, emails and notices. If you wish not to receive any of these, kindly notify any of the admins of the group. (note: FB updates are not included in these terms)
9) If you are not in agreement to these terms, you are free to leave the group.
10) Lastly Enjoy and Have Fun :)