Online Market Zambia

This group aims at improving the way we use facebook. Rare are the times that we do economic things on facebook.most of our time is spent socializing with others without any economic benefit. its for this reason that this group was designed so that as we socialise with our friends we can also buy or sell our products and services at the same time.
Its imperative that all our members trade in legally acceptable products and services according to the laws that govern our country. The creator of this group shall not be held accountable for any Person found trading in illigal businesses that violate the laws of Zambia.
We understand that there is assymetric information and adverse selection involved in buying and selling of goods and services, therefore all members are required to uphold highly ethical and proffesional business decorum so that we maintain standards. Any member found behaving in a contraly manner ll be instanly removed from the group.
Creator: Kameya
Email:[email protected]
Call:+260 979756047