Online Spirit Expo

A collection of spiritual and healing businesses and pages have all come together in the one place to provide you with discounted products and services during our monthly Online Spirit Expo. In between expos, this group serves as an Online Spirit Directory, where people have access to a wide range of businesses and pages, all of a spiritual and healing nature. The Online Spirit Expo & Directory welcomes new participants for upcoming expos and directory services. Not only is this a wonderful group for marketing your services, but it is a great way to network with other like minded businesses.

A word from us ♥

Our very first online expo was held in July 2014, and already, it has proven to be a popular, sought after event with over 1200 members/guests attending each month. In just a few months, we now have over 40 individual vendors that participate either on a permanent or casual basis, providing a range of products and services. The Facebook group that the expo is held in grew so rapidly, that we decided to expand the Online Spirit Expo to also include the ‘Online Spirit Directory’.

With the changes that Facebook have implemented, and the fact that many of us who utilise social media for our businesses are now not able to have the exposure we once had, Spirit had guided us to try something new and exciting, so we did! This wonderful online community is a wonderful tool for us all to attract more clients, assist with exposure of our businesses, as well as being a wonderful opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, and possibly even make some new friends!
We anticipate that this is only going to get bigger, and the feedback we have had thus far about the support received from businesses and guests alike has been amazing. It is a beautiful online community we have built here, and after all, our initial reasoning behind setting all of this up was to help each other to network and raise each others' business exposure, which is exactly what is happening (just on a much bigger scale than first anticipated)!

As always, we invite you to share any ideas you may have with us, and are excited that you will be joining us on this venture. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have; either through Facebook, or at our email address below.

Love & Light,
Christie & Jess

[email protected]