Online supporters of Muslimah Creatives

The aim of this group is to promote online platforms of creative Muslim women. If you are a creative Muslim woman or if you are a Muslim woman who support creative activities of Muslim women, then this group is for you. Often we post something on our online platform (Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Pinterest/LinkedIn page or Etsy/Gumroad/Zazzle/Selz/etc store or on our website/blog) and wish that our content could reach and inspire more people. We could all use a little more traffic and engagement on our online platforms than we are getting now.

In this group, feel free to promote your own posts or someone else's. Please be generous and visit the links and engage with the content posted there. We could all use a little encouragement from fellow creatives. Don't you think so?

Besides promoting links of creative work, please feel free to post and engage in discussions about any subject on creativity. Please post links related to creativity or anything that you feel will help us grow as creative people.

Any type of creativity (painting, photography, printmaking, food decoration, henna decoration, graphic design, crafts, writing etc etc etc!) is welcome here.

The main aim of this group is to support creative Muslim women who strive to be creative in a manner that is aligned with Islam. May Allah put barakah in our efforts.

If you know anyone who might like to be in this group as well, feel free to add them. Please make sure she is a creative Muslim woman or a Muslim woman who supports creative activities of Muslim women.

Please refrain from posting anything that is against Islamic regulations.