Only Uncle Nottingham - A Paid Social Media Marketing Job for Students


For all the information you need watch the uploaded video and read the text below.

If you are interested, just post saying 'INTERESTED' and I will provide you with a sign-up link. If you need any questions answered, just post them here or e-mail [email protected]

Only Uncle is a new website especially for getting small businesses known that may otherwise be overlooked by consumers. Often small businesses offer services at the same price if not better than many high street chains such as Tesco, Nandos and Starbucks.

Only Uncle works similarly to ‘Groupon’ and ‘Just Eat’ – it is a search engine whereby small businesses can promote themselves to customers through the use of deals, helping to spread the word about their brand. We offer them a discounted first year on the website for just £30, with subsequent years being charged at £100. This is different to sites such as ‘Groupon’, who charge businesses on commission, which can reduce small businesses revenue.

As a Referral Partner, your job will be to spread the word about Only Uncle mainly through social media, within the comfort of your own home. Only Uncle will provide all the resources you need, including a video similar to this one to inform businesses about us and your own sign on link to ensure you get full credit and the full pay for the businesses you recruit. Furthermore, this job allows you to be as creative as you like: if you would also like to use other marketing platforms to spread the word then feel free, it is down to you.

We are looking for students to help recruit these businesses. So what’s in it for you?
• This is a PAID job and works on commission – you could be earning as much as you like! For each business you sign up through your own personal link provided by Only Uncle you will receive £10, and £10 for each year the business signs up after that. This means that if you recruit 40 businesses a month, you will be receiving £400 for that month and not even have to leave your own home! THERE IS NO LIMIT TO YOUR EARNING POTENTIAL.
• If you are studying a business related course this will look great on your C.V. for future employers. Who else will be able to say they were part of setting up a successful business, especially if you have come up with your own creative method.