P.O.O.R. (Philippines' ONE OK ROCKers) Group

The most active pinoy ONE OK ROCK fan group. ♥

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1.) No spamming; such as chained messages or pornographic stuff and other likes.
2.) Business ads are not allowed unless you are selling ONE OK ROCK goodies or other related J-stuff. Please notify any of the admins through private message and wait for the confirmation before doing so.
3.) Be nice and polite. You can be honest but make sure that you tried your best, not to offend others as if you are stepping on them.
4.) When posting something, please give credit to the sources.
5.) This is a One Ok Rock fan group and NOT an other music genre nor another artist's hate group so please, avoid bashing of other artists and music such as kpop.
6.) Walang bangayan!! Ang mga may sala, kakainin. Chos! =P

Anyway, pag may lumabag, mabibigyan ng warning though PM. ^_^ Di naman kami nangki'kick out ng basta basta. Welcome sa new members! Enjoy~ ♥