Open Heart Meditation and Reiki Tummo Perth

Join us if you would like to know about what we do, or join us in our events. Open Heart Meditation is a wonderfully easy and effective meditation for relaxation and inner joy and peace. It is based on opening the spiritual heart to receive the divine energy from the source of love and light. With it comes blessings and gradual release from our emotional burdens.

Reiki Tummo is a powerful 'tool' to help connect with the Creator and the ultimate source of divine energy and blessings. Practitioners help others to connect with this energy for healing and in turn are blessed themselves for channelling this divine energy to others.

This group is affiliated with and based on the teachings of Irmansyah Effendi. It is therefore non religious, non denominational and will help everyone practicing Open Heart Meditation and Reiki Tummo to better connect with God, in whichever religion they belong to. Having this improved spiritual connection can provide more meaning, understanding, and a better focus on your spiritual calling in this life.