Open Space Aarhus

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Open Space Aarhus (OSAA) er en organisation med et enkelt formål: At drive et fysisk rum i Århus, hvor teknisk interessede, kreative mennesker kan mødes, udveksle erfaringer og idéer, og ikke mindst socialisere og skabe kontakter til andre ligesindede.

OSAA is an association which purpose is to create a space for people with an interest in technology and/or creativity. Here they meet, make contacts, and exchange ideas and experiences about open technology in an open-minded, friendly atmosphere.

OSAA also favours a 'hands-on' approach of open source technology, with a wealth of tools standing at disposal of its members, to create and form their ideas – such as a laser cutter (photon sav - ), a self-made computer or earrings -with lights.

OSAA organises meetings each first Tuesday of the month, Tech Talk Tuesday (T3), where guests and members of OSAA present their projects. Subjects range from presenting newly developed software, e.g. a digital reading game for children and signaling trends in open-source culture such as Bitcoins, to digital 'kalenderlys' – a special type of Danish candlelight

OSAA hosts other organisations and events such as the local branch of Free Software Foundation Europe and Trøjborg Arkademaskineforening.

OSAA's motto : build what you need, share what you build, be awesome