Opportunity of the Month Contest

For the Opportunity of the Month Contest.

1. Q: Do I have to be the originator of the opportunity to run in the contest?

A: No. You don't have to be. We will accept your program with your affiliate or referral ID so that you get credit for it.
2. Q; How many affiliate or referral ID's will you accept from the same opportunity?

A: Just one affiliate from one program. In other words we don't want 2 people competing from the same program the very same contest month.
3. How many times can I enter?

A: You can enter once a month. If you win you can enter for the following month but it must be a different opportunity from the one that you used to win.

4. Q: Can I use Opt ins and capture pages to enter?

A: No. Not if people have to opt in to see your opportunity. Your opportunity needs to be seen upfront for the voters, not hidden to where they have to give an email to see it.


5. Q: Can I vote for my own opportunity?

A: Yes you can.


6. Q: Can I invite all my friends to vote?

A: Yes you can.


7. Q. What is the purpose of this contest?

A. The idea is to drive traffic to all of the opportunities running in the contest. Contestants are encouraged to bring their followings to vote. When they do, many will see your opportunity too. Much better than a posting group where your opportunity just gets buried under thousands of other post.


8. Q: What is the prize being offered?

A: The prize will be a blog featuring your opportunity on freebizopppsclub.com. As I redevelop the site, we are expecting to have a boom of traffic. Your opportunity could be seen for a long time, receiving more traffic.


9. Q: Can I enter a a FB group posting group or fanpage?

No. If you put them on a website, then that would be alright. The idea is to attract traffic outside of facebook, before they login to see your group or fanpage.

10. If I don't have a website, where can I get a cheap website that's user friendly and very easy to build?

M recommendation is http://www.weebly.com/link/2CRk9n. I've been using them for years. A six month plan will run you about $27.00.

11. Can I run a dating site, or have a site that just sells a product or service.

No. No. Not if there's not a way to make money from it. If your website sells ad space, that's alright.


13. Only submit new entries after the 1st of the month when each monthly contest is completed.