Emgoldex Team FREEDOM International

Well, easy put in my words: A great opportunity to make gold for anyone anywhere.
It all started in 2008 by Gold & Silver Physical Metals KG, a german company trading big volumes of precious metals.Then 2010 they decided to create a child company in Dubai, and opens up a webshop so individuals could buy gold by grams instead of companies buying gold by kilos.This child company was named Emirates Gold Exchange, EMGOLDEX.
To advertise this new gold trading company they came up with a brilliant marketing idea: lets use word of mouth instead of traditional marketing. So said and done. People could then trade gold by grams, tell their friends to do the same and get rewarded.
The basic idea: You order a share of gold together with 31 other people. When the order is complete you get your gold. If you have participated in fulfilling the order you get rewarded. Just by sharing it with 2 friends you get 8 times your ordered share.
To visualize this group order so that you can follow your progress all orders of shares are presented in a table where you can see the progress of you order. And to make it easier for you to complete your order all invited customers follow their “sponsor”. So it builds like a tree, from root up.
The best part is that you will automatically get a new order for a share ones you complete your first order. And furthermore, your invited friends will follow you ones they complete their order. Then it just moves on and on. You can buy a new order after completing your first two and continue to recommend it to your friends in order to get things going more rapidly. And by helping your friends to recommend further you build an entire organization, but you don’t have to. Two recommendations are all that is needed ever. Nevertheless, if you build your own organization you get to become a leader and that is extremely fun and makes you grow as a person enormously.
What I like most about the deal is that your investment is secure. You get your share of gold even if you don’t recommend anyone, and the company is solid with over 700 000 customers.
Help me help you, so that we can lock arms and grow together.