Oregon Coast Free Classifieds on Facebook Group

The Oregon Coast Social Network is a local community network where you can place free ads for individuals buying and selling cars, trucks, real estate and household items; and where local business and owners can network and do business together for free. This new group we are announcing here, includes existing community news blogs and free classifieds at http://coosbay.uplog.org/; http://northbend.uplog.org/;http://bandon.uplog.org/ and there will eventually be one for every town, from Brookings to Florence and beyond. If somebody you know added you to this opt-in newsletter, you may opt-out or change your preferences below - but do opt-in and stay with what is already the largest social network on the Oregon coast on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/buyersgroup/ - we are also asking you to join (you will have to request membership it is moderated) - our brand new Oregon Coast Free Classifieds on Facebook Group here at https://www.facebook.com/groups/oregoncoastclassifieds/ - Once your membership is approved you can post local announcements and ads by email to [email protected], and we will make them searchable on the blogs,. and Google!
However, this will be heavily moderated: keep it business-worthy and polite, Conversation is welcome and requested always - add your Friends to the group please when you join. This will become one of the largest Facebook groups. You are welcome and encouraged to post community events, invitations, open houses, announcements...
This group was created for you: when you post here, you reach all of us in a very personal way - I have had to remove a few spammers and will continue to do so - You can feel safe to click the + at the right and add any of your friends, they need not do anything - very few people are using this little known option on Facebook - this group went to nearly 1000 the first week - it is a self fulfilling prophecy. Join us, network with us, but do not spam us and expect to be aloud to stay here: no MLM hype without substance or value, no frivolous claims.