Oregon Horse & Dog Forum

Hi folks! I decided to start a Forum where we can talk about our best friends! Our horses... and the dogs that cruise around the world with us while we care for our big beautiful beasts!

I thought a smaller page where we can just share advice, pictures, stories, and support for one another! When we have questions about our Pets behavior, Diet & Exercise, Ticks, and any other questions that are stirring in your brain. There are no dumb questions here, so feel free to speak your mind about your best friends ;p.. Lets keep it Dogs and Horses though :)

Please no sales that do not relate to dogs or horses. Animals may be advertised to find good homes, but we do not support people looking to breed Dogs. We are supporters of shelters and rescues, in hopes to direct you to a homeless pet who is already alive and needs YOUR love!

Members will be removed without warning if; you have 3 or more other members complain about you being judgmental, rude, inconsiderate, or just plain nasty. Lets keep it clean folks. ;p

When you join this Group, share some pictures of your bestfriends, and tell us about yourself! This group is great for networking interests, getting together for trail rides, doggie play, and sharing your "PetLife' :)