Connected. *

This group has grown and grown, it was initially made for only Bakersfield people, but we have people from Taft, Mc Farland, and Shafter and etc... yay! This group was made to sell any items you like,and promote businesses, and i shouldn't have to say but, no drugs, or inappropriate and or illegal things are allowed on here; AND PLEASE SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA, although anything CAN gets posted on here, this group does its best to keep things in line. Group members may report unnecessary postings, and those people will then be blocked. I am not on the page 24.7, because sadly, there is a life outside of Facebook, so when i am on, i will remove and ban, no doubt. You can also message me with persons names and problem, and that works, just the same. I have about a 100+ people to add a day, on my phone i cannot click "add all" and i prefer a computer, so when i have my computer you will most definitely be approved, but please... if approved or in the group, use your brain before posting and act as adult, you shouldn't have to have a babysitter.

Well, that is about it. Enjoy.