DogBook - The Dogs Of FaceBook

Since creating a FaceBook page for my dog it really caught on with friends and now there is a whole bunch of people who have dogs who have their own FaceBook profiles.... I figured why not give all the dogs their own group. So sign up your pet today and join THE ORIGINAL DogBook!

This group was originally formed as a tribute to my best friend in the whole world "Tarzan". Tarzan as seen with sand on his face as the mascot of DogBook was a PB Boxer who we had since he was 4 months old. When Tarzan turned 1 he had a seizure and was diagnosed with Epilepsy and was put on to medication to make the seizures less frequent.

Tarzan lived a great life of a loving family, a wicked agility dog (one of British Columbia, Canada's ONLY competitive Boxer), and a sense of human likeness with the ability to just know how you are feeling. He was more human than most people I know.

At age 5 after a weekend of camping where he had the time of his life he began to have massive amounts of seizures which got worse and worse over the course of almost a week to the point where we had to say enough is enough. We sadly put our best friend to sleep. I laid on the floor with him until the end. It’s the least I could have done for such a unique friend. You will always be missed Tarzan and this group is dedicated to you. Love you Forever. RIP

After a couple years of figuring out if we wanted another boxer or not we decided to rescue a boxer named HANK from the LA Boxer Rescue.

Hank is a happy 1 year old who is a blast to own and be around. We love our boxers here at DogBook but love all dogs the same!

-- Clint & Tara Jendyk
DogBook Group Owners