Original Music Sharing Group

This group was created for songwriters to share their original music on facebook. Covers are permitted here as well, but the primary goal of this group is to get your ORIGINAL compositions out on facebook for others to hear and enjoy. ALL styles of music are welcome here. Feel free to post your music, promote yourself or your original band here as often as you like. Be civil and kind to each other-positive feedback is fine, even constructive criticism, but let's not be negative, mean or insulting, please. Remember these songs are someone's personal creations and we all have different tastes. NO NON MUSICAL OR MUSIC RELATED POSTS! NO SPAM! NO discussing or posting of politics or religion is allowed here. You can post political songs, but NOT political posts. You can post religious songs, but not religious posts, prayers bible verses, etc. Politics and religion both cause too much drama on facebook and for that reason, we do not allow it here. Posting any of the aforementioned "no nos" will result in an automatic and permanent BAN! This is an Original Music Sharing Group for YOUR music or music of artists YOU represent, not for posting some famous or unfamous band you like or whatever. ^_^ Now, let's get your music heard!!!