Orlando Community Network

The Orlando Community Network is a web-based social network that connects small businesses within their community to help grow and network with each other.

OCN may be seen as a panacea for all businesses. The site allows you to share your business website, create a business group page, upload music, upload photos, invite the community to your page or website and advertise your business. Using pictures in this social media helps you create a rapport with potential clients, increase followers; thereby increasing the traffic flow to your business.

And while the reality is that effective partnerships can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line, it takes more than that to reap the benefits. So why not become part of a network that assists in making it easier for businesses to grow, while connecting with others. After all you never know “Who’s Who?”

So Come aboard! Get social and grow your business; go where your customers are; start a blog, Forum, Discussion and create a fan page and “let’s get social" locally online.

Here’s the BEST part about the site ….. IT’S FREE TO JOIN
This is for residents living in Orlando!!!!

Created by Donald Crutch