Ouishare Switzerland

Hello beautiful people, welcome to this informative and active group on collaboration!

OuiShare is an organically-growing, constantly evolving community of people who are working towards a more collaborative economy. It was born in Paris in January, 2012.


Ever since its inception, the idea has rapidly spread into many other cities in the world. Inspired by the Trade School Geneva project launched in late 2013, we thought it is time we shared more on the collaborative economy ideas and value, and kindled a more open discussion about it in Switzerland beginning with projects in the romandie area.

We want to collect, curate projects based on the collaborative economy, publish and create inspiring content, build local offline and online communities, organize exciting events and other fab stuff around collaborative values. Ouishare Switzerland is part of the Association Sangha which curates other projects under the collaborative economy values.

Tuning in to the OuiShare Global values we want to build Ouishare Switzerland with:

* a digital hub here as a Facebook group and through other platforms
to share knowledge and foster local collaboration among OuiShare Activists, collaborators and launch media projects (Books, Web-Docs, Web Apps, DataBase, projects...) that will raise public awareness about the collaborative movement

This group is the community group and aims at:

* collaboratively learning from each other by sharing news related to the collaborative economy
* helping collaborative entrepreneurs from Switzerland.
* helping people who value collaboration, community and openness to come together for offline events.

Please do not SPAM this group with unnecessary marketing. Informative and fun pitching of ideas are welcome rather than in your face marketing - (not cool).

You're an entrepreneur or a collaborative newbie? Feel free to ask for any advice / feedback / help from the community. Turn yourself ON and your Notifications for more information on the world of collaboration :)

Language: English and French