Our Jaipur Photographers

Details for Group Membership Mandatory.
Date of Birth:
Phone No:
Reference if any:
How do you came to know about Our Jaipur Photographers?:
Why do you want to join the Group?:
Link of your FB profile:
Link of your Website or FB page if any:
Submit all these details with your 10 best clicks at [email protected]

General Rules & Regulations we should follow in this Club :-

- You can only post 3 photo per day.. Post pics to receive feedback, comments, suggestions on improvements etc.

- Please Do Not "SHARE" your pics in this Group.

- We would Appreciate if You Post LINK's of Your Page / Profile / Website Etc with Picture you are Posting. But avoid "SHARING" your Pics.

- Weekly "PHOTO-WALKS" -- We Organize PHOTO-WALKS every week. This is a theme based Photo-walk where you can click and post a pic. This is to get more and more people use their cameras and socialize with new Photographers.

- No obscenity, vulgar images or photos that can be visually disturbing.

- The Group is to learn, share, inspire and be motivated. Therefore, appreciate others, post your feedback and comments for other images, so that everyone feels encouraged

- It will be a good idea to introduce yourself to others, which part of the City you from, what do you do, why photography etc.


FOR ANY MORE QUERIES COONTACT :- Manav SInghi :- 9828030809.

Link of Our Facebook Page is http://www.facebook.com/ojaipur

And Link of Our Site is www.ourjaipur.com.