Owner Trained Service Dogs

The purpose of Owner Trained Service Dogs is to provide support and information for individuals choosing to owner train a service dog. We promote and support positive methods for dog training. This group is for those who are training a service dog for themselves or a family member, individuals who are interested in learning more, or who are in the process of obtaining a dog to train as a service dog.
All types of service dogs and their handler's disabilities are welcome here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you ask to join the group, your Facebook page may be reviewed as a condition of acceptance. Yes, I am nosey like that. You may be sent a private message asking for additional information. If you do not respond to our message, you may not be accepted into the group. Please check your ‘other’ folder in your inbox if you do not receive notification that you've been accepted into the group. Sometimes I will "ignore"or "block" the request. If you feel like we have decided this in error in either situations, you can message Sarah Inman.
It can take a week or two to go through the member requests. If you know someone in the group, tell them to give us a heads up and we can get you in quicker.