Oxford African and Caribbean Society


The Oxford African and Caribbean Society (ACS) aims to explore, promote and celebrate African and Caribbean culture within the University of Oxford. We welcome anyone who has an interest in the culture of both Africa and the Caribbean. Whether or not you're a student of Oxford University, add the Oxford ACS and we'll keep you posted on our events both within and outside of Oxford!

The ACS hopes to achieve three main goals:

1) Give students an INSIGHT into a variety of career paths through informative and interesting speaker events with successful professionals from specific sectors.

2) INSPIRE students by illustrating the magnitude of their potential through events with inspirational figures from the African and Caribbean community.

3) Enable students to become more creative, resourceful and enterprising in their own lives in order to make a positive impact not only for themselves, but also for those around them in their local, national and global community.

To Join the Oxford ACS community or to find out more, please email: [email protected]