Ozamiz Black Market

Ozamiz Black Market is a venue for all Misamisnon and nearby locations to buy, sell, inquire and advertise.

Group and Posting Rules:
1.) Do Not Spam.No trolling. Joking is good but do it in the right place.
2.) Respect group members.
3.) Avoid double posting
4.) Online shop owners please avoid posting all your stuff in the page, promote your shops by giving out the link for your online shop pages.
5.) For all firearms and vehicle sellers, please post the necessary documents.

Trading Rules:
1.) Do not sell items without any price range.
2.) Meet ups should be made in a public area.
3.) Avoid Scamming fellow Users.
4.) Please insure that your products is traded in good quality.
5.) The group is not liable for any scam, harm, fraud, or any violence between the buyer and the seller. Use at your own risk!

*Failure to follow the rules will result to deletion of post*

Keep all post healthy! Happy Trading!