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OZONE Health Club
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Description:O_ZONE Fitness club

At Ozone health club you can find a well equipped gym and a variation of fitness classes in its studios like Zumba, Fighting cardio ,Toning ,pump nd burn, Bouncing, Abs and stretching, steps ,Pilates ,Oriental dance , kick boxing and Yoga classes are also available.
A private ladies area ,swimming pool,Sauna and jacuzzi are afforded.

At our health club Personal training assistance at the gym is what you are looking for to help you improve your fitness level and reach your goals.

And at the end of the day You can take a rest at our cafeteria.

Much more to come at Ozone

Keep posted
For more info and details please feel free to contact us at 01/821250_01836713
Address: Bir Hassan- Sultan Ibrahim street-Corniche bldg -ground floor

Fitnessly Yours :)