Small Business Owners of the World

1. Focus the form of our outbound messages

When our small business competes with a big business, we overcompensate with too many words. Finding the visual form of our message helps strip out everything but the essentials—which means customers “get” what we do fast. (And after all, customers come to us because they expect us to be easier to work with. Being Vivid proves it to them.)

2. Streamline our inward communications

There is no reason for a small business to get bogged down in the internal bureaucracy that hobbles corporate America. Creating management messages that convey clear visual meaning makes internal communications quicker to understand and easier to remember.

3. Master the viral. (And Vivid is viral!

The future of small business marketing is social networking. (Think Groupon, Facebook, and Itsy.) A Vivid message—a message which is short, thoughtful, visual, and innovative—is perfectly adapted for the social world, ready to be linked, shared, tweeted and believed.

4. Make meetings matter

Meetings that start with a single idea and generate a simple picture are meetings that our people love to attend. The to-do’s, takeaways and messages don’t get lost in the noise—and we know exactly what we’re supposed to do.

5. Think big while we think fast

Every small business dreams of getting bigger. But too often, those dreams remain just that: vague, foggy and abstract. Thinking visually makes it easy to nail down the form of our BIG IDEA quickly—and once we can see the dream, we can see what it will take to make it happen.