PACHORA (पाचोरा )

Histrical place:Pachora is an island between two branches of the river Hivara. It was named by Shri Chakradhar Swami approximately 900 years ago, when travelling with his devotees Mahandaieca Dhampecia, Mahimbhat and Nagdev Acharya. Upon reaching Pachora, he visited a poor blacksmith's house, and asked the women there for chupatti for dinner. Dinner was already cooked, so the women gave all they had to the swami. However, the swami returned some food and blessed the women - the town name derived from this exchange.[vague]
According to accounts given by the local Katha-Kalptaru sect, Pandawas[who?] stayed in Pachora for several days after Bhima killed Bakasura.
Pachora participated in the Go-Back national movement, and the freedom movement. On 9 August 1942, British officers fired on people in the freedom movement at Gandhi Chowk in Pachora - killing two and injuring nine.[citation needed] Mahatma Gandhi visited Pachora twice for peace conferences.It is good city