Online Marketing

Online Marketing Group is a place for any FaceBook members to add to, check in with each other about and question... the many methods of online marketing. This is not a forum for just one method of marketing online. This group has been formed so that members can discuss among each other what works and what doesn't in each of our particular online marketing methods.

Discovered something new and exciting? Let us all know! Found a new product? Let us all know. But do not make this a group where all we do is market to each other. Each of us has experience and expertise that can be shared. The internet is HUGE, and there is more than enough to go around for all of us: even if we were all doing the same thing!

Know about a great youtube conference or webinar coming up? Please share it. Had a really bad experience with a particular product? Let us all know. Is there a marvelous new method or approach available? Share it. We're not in competition: the internet is TOO big for any of us to be competitive with each other. By sharing our knowledge, we can all excel.

This forum/group will be manned by you. Your comments, ideas, creativity and concerns will BE the group. Visit here to check in with other online marketing friends and not only learn from each other, but let your voice be heard!

Welcome to Online Marketing Group which is for and about Affiliate Marketing, Blog Marketing, Article Marketing, Advertising, MLM, J.V, etc., etc., etc.!