Pakistan Engineers' Association

Pakistan Engineers' Association is a platform that is committed to fight for the just rights of engineers and to organize them to actualize their true potential for the betterment of the society. We believe that without rigorous involvement of engineers, the country cannot flourish and a conducive and respectable environment must be provided to engineers in order to harness their fullest potential. We believe that engineers have been exploited brutishly by industrialists and they are compelled to work at very low wages and in very insecure environment therefore our country is experiencing brain drainage. We believe that employment is a right of everyone and unemployment amounts to economical massacre of the working class. Therefore we demand that
1- Every engineer must be given at least Rs. 40,000 as a starting salary
2- Every engineer must be provided medical insurance for his/her dependents.
3- A unified system of scales must be initiated in all private and government organizations.
4- Through laws equal job opportunities are ensured to everyone irrespective to color, creed, religion, language or family background.
5- Complete erosion of nepotism and corruption in induction at all levels in private and government organizations.
6- Number of engineers accredited each years must not accede than job opportunities available. Whenever government accredit any engineer it is under the responsibility to provide employment to the same.
Pakistan Engineers' Assiciation
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