Pakistanis In dubai

WELCOME to all the new members to this FREE and DEMOCRATIC Pakistanis In Dubai Group.
Yes! Now you are officially welcomed to the Desert!
And if still you don’t believe it or feeling a bit ignored, trust me it is not our problem!

Before participating actively, a few basics SHOULD be understood.

It’s a Free and Democratic Group, so you can post anything BUT:

1. Make sure you dont know how to respect and RULE#8 APPLIES ON YOU.
2. Make any useless post like “need a BF/GF” or “add me/Follow”, and RULE#8 APPLIES ON YOU.
3. Post any personal/Random girl’s pics or Pics of Hands, Feet, Hair and Hennah/Nephew, Niece ,Siblings Pics… and RULE#8 APPLIES ON YOU.
4. Post any Group/Page Link,, and RULE#8 APPLIES ON YOU.
5. You can Advertise but do it thrice a day and RULE#8 APPLIES ON YOU.
6. Block any of the ADMINS,, and RULE#8 APPLIES ON YOU.
7. NEVER post an Islamic post containing Quranic ayah or Ahadith or Aqwaal of Companions without any reference. And No, RULE#8 doesn’t apply here :P
And Now Finally:
The Rest…. It’s a FREE group, so post anything you want to. Just remember RULE#8 Exisit it IS REAL. So stay safe and have fun!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Long Live PAKISTAN <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<